Eastern Circuit

The Tanzania eastern circuit is the smallest safari zone of all the Tanzania sanctuary zones behind the southern tourism circuit, but it has its own charm and attractions to offer those willing to discover this hidden and little Tanzania tourism zone. In comparison to the visitors that visit the northern safari circuit, the eastern safari zone in Tanzania is somewhat isolated, and its remote path is frequented by many tourists, there are numerous advantage to taking this route when it comes to tourism. the following national parks make up Tanzania’s eastern safari circuit: Saadani national park, Mikumi national park, Udzungwa Mountains, and Nyerere National Park


The benefit of the eastern circuit is that it offers visitors based in a unique experience of beach, meets the bush, a chance to see the wildlife and scenery the country has to offer, unlike the northern parks. The saadani and Mikumi grow in popularity every year, and the Mafia Island Marine parks is fast becoming a hot destination in the Indian ocean. The national park, game reserve, and marine parks of the eastern circuit are perfect weekend retreats for guests on business related trips to Dar es salaam, Arusha,or Zanzibar.

This location provides an excellent variety and density of game, as well as a unique mix of eastern and southern Africa species with plenty of predator action. Second, the enormous parks and reserves provide visitors with an uncrowded and more exclusive wildlife viewing experience, with few other vehicles and people (a dramatic contrast to the more congested northern parks)

Eastern Circuit Tour Destinations